• Digital Currency

    We mainly focus on high-quality blockchain projects, and carry out angel rounds and PE (private equity) investment, helping the investors to maximize their returns.
  • Digital Currency
    Quantitative Trading

    We use the industry-leading quantitative trading system, thus our ROA(Return On Assets) is far ahead.
  • Digital Currency

    We provide digital currency OTC(over-the-counter) to ensure the safe and reliable user assets, and increase the transaction speed.
  • Blockchain
    social media

    We create a one-stop blockchain industry service community platform for the industry media, project parties, investors and exchanges.

Blockox Fund is a management agency focused on digital currency investments and is headquartered in Hungary. In China , we have build up Chengdu Office.
With a number of well-known global exchange maintained good relations of cooperation, as strategic partners and KuCoin KuCoin founders and managers, the Chinese community also has a circle active degree is the highest, reputation the best 8000 people in the community.
More than 40 block chain projects have been invested, the yield industry leading, no accidents!


Establishment of Blockox MP Social Media. -- We focus on the development and application of blockchain, especially the quality ICO projects.


Establishment of GussCoinfirm MP Social Media -- We focus on digital currency and provide professional trend analysis.


Establishment of Blockox Hungary Branch.
-- Blockox Fund is a management agency focused on digital currency investments.


BlockUping -- Social media sets up dedicated evaluation of block chain projects, and shows the project value in all aspects and neutrality


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  • Email : support@blockox.vc
  • Telegram : @mblockox
  • Address : T2-1912, FuNian Square, No.666, Jitai Road, High-tech Zone, ChengDu

  • Wechat : Only team investment
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